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Talisman (Bauta)

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4"H x 2.5"W x 2.5"D

The "Bauta" is the traditional Venetian mask. Used in a variety of different traditions spanning the storied history of the uncanny and unforgettable city state. The mask with its prominent long nose provided Venetian citizens anonymity during elections, protected doctors during the years of the black plague and afforded the common folk a form of escape during carnival. All three of those iterations seem perfectly relevant today.

HEAD: tuna vertebrae from Rockport, Maine ✦ CROWN: plastic flower petals from an Eastern German lapel pin ✦ BODY: electrical wires wrapped in tape found when rewiring old building in LA, CA ✦ WINGS: gilded plastic dragonfly wings found on street ✦ SiGNATURE: brass tag stamped with official CRUarts signature

Its been over 20 years since I started creating Talismans from the detritus I have found on my walks, travels, detours, escapes, missteps and planned migrations. The series has become a benevolent battalion of shamanistic figurines with a purpose. Talismans come into the world ready to work and jest. They are imbued with mystery and a desire to heal and motivate.

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