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Get On Up Peaches

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16"H x 6"W x 14"L

✦ HEAD - desiccated lemon ✦ BILL - jacaranda seed pod ✦ FLAMES - brass leafed flames from The Torch action figure toy ✦ NECK - LA street find wood combined with black plastic aquarium plant ✦ TORSO - paper maché peach ✦ left LEG - human anatomy doll ✦ right LEG Ojai trail find branch

Its been over 20 years since I started creating Talismans from the detritus I have found on my walks, travels, detours, escapes, missteps and planned migrations. The series has become a benevolent battalion of shamanistic tools and figurines with a purpose. Talismans come into the world ready to work and jest. They are imbued with mystery and a desire to heal and motivate.

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