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Image of Jaguar - ceremonial staff

Jaguar - ceremonial staff


13”H x 5.5"W x 5.5"L 
HEAD/HANDLE/PAW: found piece of driftwood gifted to me
FANGS/CLAWS: carved wood      

When this piece of driftwood landed in my hand - thank you Rosie - it felt powerful. It even had a handle and the likings of an animal's head. I saw a jaguar immediately. I had done a meditation a few days before that asked me to imagine the first animal that popped into my thoughts - I saw a jaguar. I manifested that vision into this piece.

At the moment, the creative process is flowing. I see anatomical parts on every nature walk I take. In the last weeks I have been able to assemble birds, a mermaid, a worshipper(person praying) and an avian(part human & part bird). This bevy of Talismans, with very few adjustments, are all made of found wood.
Its been over 20 years since I started creating Talismans from the detritus I find on my walks, travels, detours, escapes, missteps and planned migrations. The figures come into the world ready to work and jest. I imbue them with mystery and the desire to heal and motivate.     

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