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Image of Talisman (Nova)

Talisman (Nova)


15"H x 11"W x 6"D

HEAD: dried lemon stained red ✦ EYE: AJNA (third eye chakra) plastic toy eye ✦ SAHASRARA (crown chakra) sprayed insulation foam leftovers, gold leafed ✦ ARMS: burnt Sycamore branch ✦ VISHUDDHA (throat chakra): gold plated earring; LA street find ✦ TORSO and LEGS: reconstructed burnt carved wooden jewelry display hand ✦ SVADHISHTHANA(sacral chakra) gold leafed wooden earring LA street find

NOVA is born of fire and blessed with gilded chakras. The Crown chakra inspires intelligence & awarenesses; the Third Eye chakra intuits and imagines; the Throat chakra opens communication & creativity; the Sacral chakra encompasses pleasure & desire. This Talisman's arms reach far and wide they don't grab, rather they prod and test the expanse of possibility. The fact that it is a quadruped offer a strong sense of both foundation and speed.

Its been over 20 years since I started creating Talismans from the detritus I have found on my walks, travels, detours, escapes, missteps and planned migrations. The series has become a benevolent battalion of shamanistic figurines with a purpose. Talismans come into the world ready to work and jest. They are imbued with mystery and a desire to heal and motivate.

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