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Image of Talisman (Sceptre)

Talisman (Sceptre)


14"h x 7"w x 5"d 
✦ STAFF: burnt Foxtail pine from high Sierras, CA ✦ FINIAL: blown glass gift from a friend ✦ FINIAL INTERIOR: the scepter's power source is derived from remnants of an ocean sponge found in Cuba filled with dyed green wool from a child's present. Found in Los Angeles ✦ HEART: satire colored glass chunk ✦ LEAF: gold plated necklace piece from Cologne, Germany ✦ END CAPS: 38 caliber brass casings ✦ BEADS: snatched from my daughter's room and repurposed ✦ CLAW: gold plated tie clip

There is a glass finial at the top of the sceptre where the energy of its holder is stored. The ornaments decorating its burnt staff help accumulate and separate vital energy from any disruptive, negative energy. It is best to clinch the scepter close to ones heart when loading a wish. In order to release the wish into the ether hold the sceptre in front of you and close your eyes tightly while whispering the name of someone you love more than yourself.

Its been over 20 years since I started creating Talismans from the detritus I have found on my walks, travels, detours, escapes, missteps and planned migrations. The series has become a benevolent battalion of shamanistic tools and figurines with a purpose. Talismans come into the world ready to work and jest. They are imbued with mystery and a desire to heal and motivate.

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